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Artist, furniture designer, photographer and philanthropist, William King takes a bold approach to his artistic statements. Throughout his artistic career King has always pushed the limits of reality. His latest creations, “DUO BLISS” captures natures beauty through a creative lens. His artful imagery takes the viewer on a timeless journey to the heart, evoking soulful emotions. Combining his love of travel with a passion for education, King directs an international non-profit organization teaching cultural competency and media literacy to underprivileged children. His passion for the arts fuels his desire to empower the world’s future generation. Defying artistic boundaries, King is leaving his footprint in the art world on step at a time.

King's most recent philanthropic endeavor is to donate 50% of all art sales to Youth Speak Out International’s media literacy youth programming. This 501C3's mission is to empower youth within culturally diverse communities to express their thoughts while creating independence through equality in order to create positive global change. Students enrolled in Elementary After School Programs throughout Palm Beach County Florida will create positive public service announcements by becoming producers, directors and researchers. They become aware of the choices they can make in self-exploration by using their own interpretation and evaluation of the medai and the world around them. . Youth Speak Out International has effectively educated more than 4100 multicultural youth in South Florida, Belize, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Their approach to education encourages openness with objectivity, fosters tolerance, understanding and respect in today’s society.
To learn more about Youth Speak Out International's media literacy projects go to: http://www.youthspeakoutint.org